About Yucca Mfg


Yucca Mfg is the product of a husband and wife team who genuinely love getting lost on the trail. Our weekends consisted of road trips to the mountains with our daughter and dogs, and we started tackling longer leisurely trail rides when we purchased our Bronco Sport. 

As we continued to get out on the trails, we realized that we bit off more than we could chew. We needed some recovery gear, and we needed a place to put it. We also needed a place to put our stroller, since the dogs were occupying the rear hatch. Thus the search for a roof rack began... We purchased a set of roof rails and a basket immediately, only to realize that my wife (5'1") had troubling reaching up into the basket to obtain our equipment. This was a problem for us, and we recognized that it must be a huge problem for others as well. This is where we got to work, and Yucca Mnfg was born.

An engineer by hobby and trade, I made it my goal to create a vehicle utility system with easily accessible trail tools to ensure people of all sizes and abilities could get out there with confidence! We've achieved this goal with our Side-Mounted Accessories  system, found on our Overland Racks. We will continue to design the best and most accessible vehicle utility systems. Lets all get out there!

 A mom and her daughter sitting on the tailgate of their Bronco Sport in the desert.